Right to Information Act,2005

4(1)(b)(i) The particulars of its organization,function and duties:-

The origin and evolution of Public Service Commission in India can be traced back to the democratic demands raised by the Indians and consequence thereof. As far back as 1856 educated Indians raised the demand for admission into the Indian Civil Service, and the Indian National Congress adopted a resolution on its foundation in 1885 demanding holding of simultaneous examination for the I.C.S. both in England and in India. Such demands were supplementary to the demands raised in the Indian National Movement for self-government.

In the context of such demands the Lee Commission in 1924 also recommended its formation. Then the Government set up the Central Public Service Commission in October,1926.

The Simon Commission in 1935 provided for setting up of a federal Public Service Commission for the federation and a Public Service Commission for each province. In terms of the provisions of the Govt. of India Act and with its coming into effect on 1st April, 1937 the Central Public Service Commission became the Federal Public Service Commission, and a Public Service Commission was set up in each province, except in cases of certain provinces which formed Joint Public Service Commissions

The provisions of the Government of India Act,1935 regarding Public Service Commission were adopted almost in toto in the Constitution of India. This is the background of the emergence of the Bengal Public Service Commission in April,1937 and its transformation as Public Service Commission, West Bengal under the Constitution of India.

The fathers of the Indian Constitution realized that the democratic system could be maintained only if the civil servants were appointed solely on the basis of merit , by open competition and only then they could carry on the administration independently. The values of independence, impartiality and integrity are the basic determinants of the constitutional conception of Public Service Commission.

The Public Service Commission, West Bengal is proud of its glorious existence and is pledged to discharge its constitutional obligations faithfully and efficiently in the days to come.

Functions and Duties

(1) To conduct examinations mainly for appointments to the services and posts of West Bengal Government.

(2) The Commission shall be consulted on:-

(a) All matters relating to methods of recruitment to civil services and posts;

(b) The principles to be followed in recommending appointments to civil services and posts, and promotions on the basis of suitability of candidates for such appointments,promotions, etc.

(c) All disciplinary matters affecting a person serving under the State Government in a civil capacity,including memorials or petitions relating to such matters;

(d) Any claim by or in respect of a person who is serving or has served under the State Government in a civil capacity, that any costs incurred by him in defending legal proceeding instituted against him in respect of acts done or purported to be done in the execution of his duty should be paid out of the Consolidated Fund of the State;

(e) Any claim for the award of a pension in respect of injuries sustained by a person while serving under the State Government,in a civil capacity and any question as to the amount of any such award, and it shall be the duty of the Public Service Commission to advise on any matter so referred to it and any other matter which the Governor, may refer.

4(1)(b)(ii) Power and duties of its officers and employees.

Powers and duties of its officers and employees are fixed on the basis of guidelines as laid down in West Bengal Secretariat Manual, West Bengal Service Rules Part-I, West Bengal Service ( Classification, Control and Appeal ) Rules, 1971, West Bengal Public Service Commission ( Conditions of Service & Miscellaneous Provisions ) Regulation, 1953, W.B.S.( D.R.O.) Rules, 1980 and important circulars as issued by the Government from time to time etc.

4(1)(b)(iii) The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channel of supervision and accountability.

While disposing of many cases, generally West Bengal Service Rule Part-I and specific norms of Government as fixed by the Finance Department and also by some other Departments e.g. Labour, Social Welfare, Backward Class Welfare etc. Departments are followed. Decision in vital cases are taken specially (i) on the approval of Chairman and (ii) through Full Commission Meeting attended by Chairman & all other Members of the Commission.

4(1)(b)(v) The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions.

While discharging the functions of the Commission, the following rules and regulations are usually followed :

(i) West Bengal Service Rule ( Part-I & II );

(ii) West Bengal Secretariat Manual ;

(iii) Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1970 ;

(iv) West Bengal Service (General Provident Fund) Rules ;

(v) West Bengal Service ( ROPA ) Rules, 1981/1990/1998/2009 ;

(vi) West Bengal Service ( Medical Attendance ) Rules, 1964 ;

(vii) All India Service Rules ;

(viii) West Bengal Service ( Duties, Rights and Obligations ) Rules, 1980 ;

(ix) West Bengal Service ( Classification, Control & Appeal ) Rules, 1971 ;

(x) Death-cum-retirement benefit Rules ;

(xi) West Bengal Service ( Determination of Seniority ) Rules, 1981 ;

(xii) West Bengal Public Service Commission Rules of Procedure ;

(xiii) West Bengal Public Service Commission ( Conditions of Service & Miscellaneous Provisions ) Regulations, 1953 ;

(xiv) West Bengal Public Service Commission ( Exemption from Consultation ) Regulations, 1955 ;

(xv) West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008 ; etc

4(1)(b)(vi) A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under control.

(i) Merit list of successful candidates taking different recruitment examinations

(ii) Register showing allotment of successful candidates of different recruitment examinations ;

(iii) Tabulation Book indicating marks obtained by candidates at different recruitment examinations ;

(iv) List of candidates called to interview & recommended on selection after interview.

(v) Advice of the Commission as sought for by different departments in cases of departmental proceedings.

(vi) List of officers recommended in promotion cases.

4(1)(b)(vii) The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policies or implementation thereof.


4(1)(b)(viii) A statement of the boards, councils, committees & other bodies etc.

The Chairman may constitute Board consisting of one or more Members for dealing with cases of recruitment by selection, promotion, examination or of any other matter. The Board may be assisted by the outside experts invited by the Commission as and when necessary.

4(1)(b)(ix) A Directory of its officers and employees. &
4(1)(b)(x) The monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations.
No. of existing posts in the Secretariat of the P.S.C.,W.B.,as on 04.01.2013
Sl.No. Name of the Post No. of post Pay Band Scale+ Grade Pay
1 Chairman 01 Rs.80,000/- (Fixed) plus Spl. Allowance Rs.1,000/- Other Allowance as admissible to AIS Officer
2 Member 06 Rs.67,000 - 79,000/- (AI @3) plus Spl. Allowance Rs.500/- Other Allowance as admissible to AIS Officer
3 Secretary 01 Rs.37,400 - 60,000/- + GP of Rs.10,000/-
4 Controller of Examination 01  
5 Joint Secretary 02 Rs.28,000 - 52,000/- (PB-4B) + GP of Rs.7,600/-
6 Deputy Secretary (SG) 02 -do-
7 Accounts Officer 01 Rs.28,000 - 52,000/- (PB-4B) + GP of Rs.7,600/-
8 Deputy Secretary 06 Rs.15,600 - 42,000/- (PB-4A) + GP of Rs.6,600/-
9 System Analyst 01 -do-
10 Assistant Secretary 10 Rs.15,600 - 42,000/- (PB-4A) + GP of Rs.5,640/-
11 Registrar 01 Rs.15,600-42,000/- (PB-4A) + GP of Rs.5,400/-
12 Section Officer 22 Rs.9,000-40,500/- (PB-4) +GP of Rs4,780/-
13 Accountant 01 -do-
14 P.A. - Steno (including Group-A) 14 Rs.9,000 - 40,500/- (PB-4) + GP of Rs.4,580/- Rs.7,100 - 37,600/- (PB-3) + GP of Rs.3,600/-
15 Liaison Officer 02 Rs.9,000-40,500/- (PB-4) +GP of Rs4,400/-
16 treasurer 01 -do-
17 Junior Programmer 02 -do-
18 Sr. Sup. Grade Typist 01 -do-
19 Head Assistant 28 Rs.7,100-37,600/- (PB-3) + GP of Rs.4,220/-
20 Junior Accountant 03 -do-
21 Sup. Gr. Typist 03 Rs.7,100-37,600/- (PB-3) + GP of Rs.3,900/-
22 Assistant Librarian 01 -do-
23 U.D. Assistant 130 Rs.7,100-37,600/- (PB-3) + GP of Rs.3,600/-
24 Assistant Accountant 04 -do-
25 Assistant Treasurer 01 -do-
26 Typist Grade I 13 -do-
27 L.D. Assistant 130 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.2,600/-
28 Cataloguer 01 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.2,600/-
29 Treasury Assistant 07 -do-
30 Typist Basic Grade 06 -do-
31 Copyist 02 -do-
32 Driver Grade I 02 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.2,900/-
33 Driver Basic Grade 03 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.2,600/-
34 Muharrir Grade I 05 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.2,600/-
35 Muharrir Grade II 08 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.2,300/-
36 Record Supplier 11 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.1,900/-
37 Cash Sarkar Gr.I 01 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.2,300/-
38 Cash Sarkar 01 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.1,900/-
39 Duplicating Machine Operator 01 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.2,100/-
40 Duftry Grade I 03 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.2,300/-
41 Duftry 05 Rs.5,400-25,200/- (PB-2) + GP of Rs.1,900/-
42 Jamader 01 Rs.4,900-16,200/- (PB-1) + GP of Rs.1,800/-
43 Cleaner 01 Rs.4,900-16,200/- (PB-1) + GP of Rs.1,700/-
44 Peon Grade I 22 Rs.4,900-16,200/- (PB-1) + GP of Rs.1,800/-
45 Peon Basic Grade 44 Rs.4,900-16,200/- (PB-1) + GP of Rs.1,700/-
46 Chowkidar 01 -do-
47 Farash 01 -do-
48 Sweeper 01 -do-
4(1)(b)(xi) The Budget allocated indicating expenditures and reports on disbursements made.

Head of Accounts : "2051-Public Service Commission-00-102-State Public Service Commission-NP-Non-Plan-001-Establishment of State Public Service Commission ( F.A.)-( Charged )".

Demand No. 18.

Year Budget provision Rs. Budget Allotment Rs. Total Expenditure Rs.
2011-12 16,02,58,000 19,89,58,528 19,75,00,793
2012-13 23,35,21,000 23,38,04,900 17,64,21,980
2013-14 25,20,16,000 25,24,72,910 17,01,86,035
2014-15 25,72,85,000 23,55,37,250 19,22,37,244
2015-16 25,02,69,000 25,32,81,000 20,42,63,627
2016-17 27,90,71,000 27,88,76,000 19,20,67,374
4(1)(b)(xii) The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes.


4(1)(b)(xiii) Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by it.


4(1)(b)(xiv) Details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced to an electronic form.

Computerisation of all the vital information relating to the works of the Public Service Commission, West Bengal is in the process and has partially been completed

4(1)(b)(xv) The particulars of facilities available to citizen for obtaining information including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use.


4(1)(b)(xvi) The name, designation and other particulars of the State Public Information Officer (SPIO), Public Service Commission, West Bengal

Shri Apurba Saha (SPIO)
Section Officer
Public Service Commission, West Bengal.
P.S.C. Building ( 8th Floor )
161-A, S. P. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata - 700 026.
Phone No. PBX- 2466-1540 / 2266, 2414-7715 ( Extn. 444 ) Direct No. 2464-6896.
E-mail: spio.wbpsc@gmail.com

4(1)(b)(xvii) Appellate Authority, Public Service Commission, West Bengal.

Shri Suman Roy Chowdhury
Controller of Exam
Public Service Commission, West Bengal.
P.S.C. Building ( 3rd Floor )
161-A, S. P. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata - 700 026.
E-mail: aarti.pscwb@gmail.com

4(1)(b)(xviii)For Enquiry and information, Public Service Commission, West Bengal.

Public Service Commission, West Bengal.
161-A, S. P. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata - 700 026.
Phone No. PBX- 2466-1540 / 2266, 2414-7715 (Extn. 400,452)

Information relating to Confidential items exempted under section 8(1)(e) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

1) Name(s) & other particulars of any Paper-Setter, Examiner / Head Examiner, Moderator of different recruitment examinations and Preliminary Written Tests in Selection Cases

2) Name(s) & other particulars of Advisor / Expert/Board Members & Government Representative invited by the Commission to assist the Commission in the Interview Boards / Personality Tests.

3) Information regarding Marks secured by the candidates of any Recruitment Examination or any paper of a Recruitment Examination, the Examination process of which has not ended and allotment completed..

4) Cut-off Marks of any individual paper or a Recruitment Examination / Preliminary Written Test for short listing of candidates called for Interview.

5) Any information regarding name, no. of candidates & their particulars kept in the Reserved List of different Recruitment Examinations & Selection cases.

6) Proceedings relating to Promotion, Selection & Disciplinary cases.

7) Name & particulars of the Press where sensitive materials e.g. Papers, Test Booklets, Answer Sheets, OMRs etc. are printed.

8) Access to the Answer Script / Sheets of candidates taking different Recruitment Examination / Preliminary Written Test / Screening test / Departmental Examination.

9) File notings of confidential nature.

10) A.C.R. rating in respect of officers and merit rating on assessment of A.C.Rs in promotion cases.


Short title and commencement- (1) These rules may be called the West Bengal Right to Information Rules , 2006 as notified under P & AR Department. Notification No. 157-PAR(AR) dt. 10.03.2006.

Application fee - An application containing a request in writing to the State Public Information Officer may be made under sub-section(1) of Section 6 for obtaining information , shall be accompanied with a court-fee of rupees ten.

Fee for providing information - The State Public Information Officer shall provide information upon receipt of a request on payment of a fee of -

a) rupees two, for each page (in A-4 or A-3 size paper) created or copied ; or

b) actual charge or cost price, for a copy in large size paper; or

c) actual cost price, for sample or model; or

d) rupees five for each fifteen minutes or fraction thereof, for inspection of records; or

e) rupees fifty per diskette or floppy, for information provided in the diskette or floppy; or

f) actual charge fixed for publication or rupees two per page of photocopy for extracts therefrom, for information provided in printed form.